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Commonly Found Flower Varieties in Canada: A Popular Selection

The vast land of Canada is blooming with a magnificent variety of floral species.  Across Canada, there are numerous flower varieties, among them few species are most used in flower bouquets and event decoration. Read more to know about the types of bouquet flowers in detail.

Types of bouquet flowers

Know more about the common bouquet flowers as well as popular types of flowers for bouquets. You can contact us at Stavebank Florist, a leading flower shop in Mississauga by calling (905) 278-2426


Rose is a common flower type. It is found worldwide and available in multiple colors. People love roses for its peaceful appearance and graceful fragrance. For more than thousands of years, roses have served multiple purposes including preparing perfumes, flower bouquets, ornaments, etc. The rose petals are utilized as ornaments.


The arrival of gorgeous summer weather coincides with the blooming of hydrangea shrubs and flowers. Most of them are shrubs, but a few of them may even be small trees. There are multiple hydrangea flowers and a few common varieties are oakleaf and lacecap. There are multiple colors of hydrangea which include white, purple, pink, and blue. The color variation is due to the acidity of the soil. Hydrangeas grow as flowerheads at the end of the stem and produce beautifully fulfilled flowers from spring to fall. At Stavebank Florist, a leading flower shop in Mississauga, you can get wedding flowers, flowers for funerals, corporate floral design, and more. Call (905) 278-2426 today!


Orchids are among the most ancient and popular flowers, having been around for millions of years. There are about 30,000 different orchid varieties worldwide. The most common bouquet flowers include dendrobium, phalaenopsis, cattleya, and vanilla. Certain orchids can be planted in soil, while others dangle from trees or grow on rocks. Orchid flowers are beautiful and variety has symbolic meanings. In general, they represent prosperity, love, strength, and thoughtfulness.


Anthuriums possess a pleasant tropical charm that makes the space beautiful. The flower is known for its eye-catching, heart-shaped, and glossy leaves. Anthurium is also referred to as “Flamingo Flower” or “Painter’s Palette”.  They come in multiple hues, such as pink, red, white, and even green. The spathe, a modified leaf that produces a beautiful, waxy, heart-shaped structure, is what makes Anthurium unusual.


Tulips are a “Spring” flower. They bloom from the early spring into the fall. These blooms are among the most well-known in the spring. They are given as gifts to loved ones in bouquet form. Over 3,000 different varieties of tulips, belonging to more than 75 different species, are grown worldwide. The bulb-shaped flower tops of tulips are available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes. The most common colors are red, pink, orange, and yellow.


Gorgeous flowers that are quite popular and flamboyant during the fall season. Chrysanthemums are native to Europe and Eastern Asia. They originated thousands of years ago in China. Since then, they have grown to be quite well-liked, with many distinct varieties existing and spreading over the globe. Their exotic color and shape make them look as beautiful as potted flowers, garden flowers, decorative accents, or corporate floral designs. The most common variety includes purple, white, red, yellow, and orange.


Due to the flower’s striking similarity to the nose or snout of a dragon, which is much favored in the USA, Europe, and northern Africa, it has earned a distinctive name. Since ancient times, snapdragons have been a beloved flower in cottage country and gardens due to their breathtaking appearance. These flowers stand for strength and elegance. Their blossoms burst atop tall stalks that grow in the summer and the milder autumn weather. Gorgeous hues of white, purple, pink, peach, yellow, red, and even mixed colors are all available in snapdragons.


Gypsophila blossoms, which are delicate and airy, impart an appearance of sophistication and grace to floral arrangements. They act as a filler flower to augment and magnify the aesthetic appeal of other blossoms. These flowers are highly versatile and are ideal to use in weddings, bouquets, and floral decorations. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and everlasting love. These flowers are native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa.


Peonies are known for their large, stunning, and showy blooms which add beauty and elegance to any arrangements or bouquets. They come in multiple colors and their sweet and enchanting scent fills the air with a happy vibe. People cherish these flowers for their beautiful fragrance and their long-lasting nature.


Ranunculus is one of the most found varieties across Canada because it can thrive in diverse climatic conditions. The flowers come in an array of colors and its vibrant and delicate multi-layer blooms resemble roses. Its unique petal arrangements and vibrant colors make it a sought-after floral choice for any floral arrangements, bouquets, and garden decoration.

Garden Roses

Garden Roses are beloved for their beautiful fragrance and exquisite look. They are available in pink, white, yellow, and red colors. These flowers are prized for their nature to evoke a romantic and refined atmosphere as well as their luscious, layered petals. Garden Roses provide sophistication and beauty with their ageless charm and alluring aroma


Canada’s diverse floral landscape offers a lot of wonder. From the vibrant wildflowers that adorn the meadows and forests to the elegant blooms that grace gardens and flower beds, Canada is home to a breathtaking array of commonly found flower varieties. So, whether you are an avid gardener, a nature enthusiast, or someone who admires the splendor of flowers, take the time to discover commonly found flower varieties that grace the landscape at a flower shop in Mississauga.